Google : New and Updated Version of Google Maps

Monday, September 16, 2013

Google : New and Updated Version of Google Maps | A new Google Maps fell upon the play Store recently. It is an update to the previous version of the excellent map service from Google.

However the updates failed to roll out initially at a nice pace to users, however now we're noticing a rollout increase. So if you haven't updated, you should checking for updates, in case you have got turned off the automated updates on your phone.
Talking of the update and also the new options within the version, there's undoubtedly faster navigation, additionally has route previews and a lot better traffic overviews as compared to the previous versions. Also there are improved Hotel Search results in the updated version, with sponsored rates and also booking links.

And also Google included a 'Tips and Tricks' option within the slideout menu, however it solely redirects to the support page, thus they'll be adding some additional things in future updates. Additionally many bugs have been fixed in this update.


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