Nexus 7(2013) Is Still Facing Touh Screen Issues Even After The JSS15Q Update

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Nexus 7(2013) is still Facing Touh Screen Issues even after the JSS15Q Update | The Nexus Seven (2013) tablet experienced some annoying bugs after its launch, together with GPS issues and touchscreen problems, both acknowledged by Google and supposed to own been fixed by a recent software update.

However, it looks like the touchscreen issues are still there for some new Nexus 7 consumers, even after the JSS15Q update is applied (see video below).

Android Police speculates that a number of these Nexus seven units that also present touchscreen glitches may are calibrated incorrectly – but such a problem could be solved via a second software update.

However, even if a second software update is released, it may not fully fix the difficulty issue in case Asus used various touchscreen digitizer sorts when manufacturing the tablet.

Another explanation offered for the problems is a grounding issue, which can’t be fixed with a simple software update:

"The origin of this theory comes from a specific symptom where the tablet doesn't experience any problem while being held or connected to a charger, but erratic behavior and ghost touches start occurring while resting on a flat surface. Again, these are only educated guesses and have not been validated by Google or any third party."

Paul Wilcox administrator from the Google Product Forums confirmed that they are struggling to solve the issue and will also learn about it in future.

Also for people who are facing issues with there Nexus 7 (2013) - your device can be replaced if you are still facing issues after the Update.

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